Bus accidents from a female’s perspective

Accidents can happen all of the time. It seems like every day we can hear about another accident that has just happened. Families are broken hearted about losing loved one because of something dumb like the other driver texting or because it was icy and slippery out. What can be even more devastating is when a bus accident happens. This takes a normal accident, like a car accident, and multiplies it by quite a bit. As a woman I will give my opinions and perspective on bus accidents.

It is difficult to imagine an event as horrible as a bus accident. There are so many lives that can be lost and so much that usually could have been prevented. I believe that most of the bus accidents can be prevented. It seems that many of them can be prevented if we weren’t in such a hurry. The bus driver is going fast because he is in a hurry to be on time, no one wants to be late to their meeting or to work. A few stoplights can make us all run a little late and this causes the driver to just go too fast. When you are going fast it is much easier to make mistakes and to get in an accident.

Buses are big so it seems like they shouldn’t be able to just tip over on the side of a road and it should be easy to keep them on the road, even when it is icy and slippery out. If they just took the precautions that regular drivers take there shouldn’t be any problems. But again, they get in a hurry and they think that they are invincible, and that is when the accidents happen.

One of the first things that I think about after hearing about a bus accident is the poor people that are in the bus. I know that if the bus hits another car or a pedestrian then they would be in the worst shape. But if a bus just tips over on the side of the road, then the passengers of the bus would be in trouble and will need a bus accident attorney. Most of the regular buses that we ride to get to work or our children ride to get to school don’t have any seatbelts or airbags. This means that if something goes wrong, they will be in a lot of danger and could get seriously injured flying around the bus.

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